Remember those Django Unchained dolls that caused a spot of controversy a while back? Well, the manufacturers paid heed to the criticisms and pulled the toys from sale, TMZ report. Many of those that had bought them spotted a money-making opportunity, as the dolls had instantly become a rarity and loads more collectible than they had been when they were on sale. So, they listed the dolls on EBay, to see if they could make a quick buck on the dolls.

EBay caught wind of the dolls being listed on their site however and decided to back the Weinstein Company’s decision that the dolls could be seen as offensive. All those who’d listed the dolls had the items removed by eBay administrators and received an email warning them not to attempt to re-list the items. A screenshot from eBay on the TMZ site reveals that the dolls were listed for up to $200 but as of January 23, 2013, the listings are no more. Anyone wanting to make a profit off of these dolls will have to think on, because eBay says it wants no part of the deal. According to the auction site. The slave dolls were deemed to be in violation of their Offensive Materials policy.

Django Unchained, despite being widely praised, by critics and audiences alike, has been mired in controversy. Spike Lee criticised the director, Quentin Tarantino, for using the ‘n’ word in the movie, though Tarantino maintains that he has done so merely for historical accuracy. 

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