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Stallone Confirms Tarantino Interest

7th December 2006

RAMBO star SYLVESTER STALLONE has confirmed rumours he could star in QUENTIN TARANTINO'S long-planned World War II movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. The war epic was initially rumoured to team up eighties action heroes ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, BRUCE...

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Roth Blames Lack Of Leading Roles On Nose

22nd November 2006

British actor TIM ROTH insists he has been denied leading movie roles because he has a big nose. The 45-year-old is best known for his acclaimed performances in QUENTIN TARANTINO movies RESERVOIR DOGS and PULP...

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Tarantino To Star In Spaghetti Western

21st November 2006

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO will step in front of the camera to star in a 12th century spaghetti western being made by Japanese cult filmmaker TAKASHI MIIKE. The PULP FICTION director will join a mainly...

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Vega Brothers Movie Back On

7th November 2006

QUENTIN TARANTINO's PULP FICTION and RESERVOR DOGS spin-off is back on the drawing board, with JOHN TRAVOLTA and MICHAEL MADSEN lined up to play THE VEGA BROTHERS. Tarantino has been planning the film for some...

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Brosnan Still Disappointed About Casino Royale

2nd November 2006

PIERCE BROSNAN is still upset he wasn't called up for a final JAMES BOND adventure in CASINO ROYALE because he always wanted to go back and investigate the birth of 007. Instead, DANIEL CRAIG was...

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The Things They Say 3159

24th October 2006

"He bit me and left bruises, 'cause there was a scene that called for me to be attacked I just socked him " BLACK EYED PEAS star FERGIE admits working with QUENTIN TARANTINO in horror...

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Lucas Pays Back Usc Film School

21st September 2006

Although famed director Quentin Tarantino once famously remarked, "I didn't go to film school. I went to the movies," many of the current crop of filmmakers did indeed learn the essentials of their trade in...

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Cobain Turned Down Pulp Fiction Role

20th September 2006

KURT COBAIN turned down a small part in QUENTIN TARANTINO's PULP FICTION, according to the late rocker's wife COURTNEY LOVE. The NIRVANA frontman was lined up to appear alongside Love in the 1994 movie. Cobain...

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Martial Arts Star Provides Sanctuary For Elephants

18th September 2006

New martial arts actor TONY JAA is pouring his sudden wealth back into an elephant sanctuary he founded in his native Thailand. The star of acclaimed new QUENTIN TARANTINO-produced film THE PROTECTOR grew up raising...

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Boll Reveals Identities Of Critics He Will Box

29th August 2006

LATEST: German director UWE BOLL has named the five movie critics he will box against and film for his next movie POSTAL. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical contest after they criticised his movie...

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Jackson Is Hollywood's Coolest

19th August 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON has topped a poll as Hollywood's coolest actor for his portrayal of JULES WINNFIELD in cult 1994 movie PULP FICTION. Jackson beat off competition from screen legend STEVE MCQUEEN and BRAD PITT,...

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Reservoir Dogs Game Under Fire

31st July 2006

A controversial computer game based on gory 1992 movie RESERVOIR DOGS has been met with fierce criticism from police officials in the UK, who fear it encourages violence against authorities. The graphically gruesome game, also...

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Thurman In Love Triangle With Tarantino?

28th July 2006

UMA THURMAN's on-again, off-again relationship with hotelier ANDRE BALAZS is over once more after she was spotted getting cosy with her KILL BILL director QUENTIN TARANTINO. The director has made no secret that Thurman is...

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Tarantino Confirms Russell Collaboration

25th July 2006

LATEST: Director QUENTIN TARANTINO has confirmed action star KURT RUSSELL will star in his new horror movie collaboration with ROBERT RODRIGUEZ - and he insists the collaboration is a dream come true. Tarantino had hoped...

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Russell Replaces Rourke As Grindhouse Killer

24th July 2006

KURT RUSSELL has replaced MICKEY ROURKE as the sick killer in QUENTIN TARANTINO's new horror film GRINDHOUSE, according to internet reports. Rourke reportedly pulled out of the project earlier this month (JUL06) and Tarantino immediately...

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Film-maker Challenges Critics To All-out Brawl

23rd June 2006

German horror director UWE BOLL is so fed up with receiving bad reviews from movie critics he is challenging his detractors to a filmed fight. Boll, whose movies ALONE IN THE DARK and HOUSE OF...

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Mi:3 Wins Trailer Award

14th June 2006

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III has won a prestigious movie award, for the year's best trailer. The film itself disappointed critics, but an illustrious jury including QUENTIN TARANTINO and GUY RITCHIE handed the film the top prize...

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Sorvino Welcomes Second Child

31st May 2006

Oscar winning actress MIRA SORVINO is thrilled after giving birth to her second child, a baby boy called JOHNNY. The MIGHTY APHRODITE actress, 38, and her actor husband CHRIS BACKUS, 24, welcomed the 7 pound,...

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Tarantino Signs Up Fergie

19th May 2006

QUENTIN TARANTINO and ROBERT RODRIGUEZ have signed THE BLACK EYED PEAS singer FERGIE to star in their new film GRIND HOUSE. The maverick movie-makers are huge fans of the MY HUMPS beauty, real name STACY...

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Tarantino Wants Rourke For Grind House

12th May 2006

QUENTIN TARANTINO wants MICKEY ROURKE to star in a quirky new horror project he's working on with the actor's SIN CITY director, ROBERT RODRIGUEZ. The PULP FICTION film-maker admits he's a huge fan of Rourke...

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The Things They Say 2023

12th May 2006

"I came up with the bolt cutters to cut off the girl's toes and it was also my idea that they run over the girls. The audience cheers every time that happens." QUENTIN TARANTINO takes...

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Hendrix Biopic Banned

7th May 2006

A JIMI HENDRIX biopic is set to be axed after London's High Court refused American filmmakers the rights to the guitarist's likeness or music. Despite their earlier claims that rights had been secured, Dragonslayer Films...

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Hendrix Biopic Halted In Court

5th May 2006

A much-hyped JIMI HENDRIX biopic looks set to be abandoned after London's High Court ruled its American film-makers don't have the rights to the guitarist's music or likeness. Wednesday's (03MAY06) ruling told Dragonslayer Films it...

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Tarantino Denies Hendrix Rumours

2nd May 2006

Cult director QUENTIN TARANTINO has rubbished reports he is planning a big screen biopic of legendary guitar great JIMI HENDRIX. The KILL BILL film-maker insists rampant rumours about the project are unfounded, and denies ever...

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Tarantino: 'Who Will Play Hendrix?'

30th April 2006

QUENTIN TARANTINO fears he will have to ditch plans for a JIMI HENDRIX biopic, as he has failed to find the perfect actor to play the iconic guitarist. The maverick movie-maker has struck a deal...

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Tarantino Tackles The Purple Haze In Hendrix Biopic

25th April 2006

QUENTIN TARANTINO has reportedly signed on to direct the long-awaited JIMI HENDRIX biopic. The PULP FICTION movie-maker is huge fan of the script of the film, according to producers at Dragonslayer Films, and will team...

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Hendrix Biopic Back On Track With Kravitz Onboard

23rd March 2006

JIMI HENDRIX's life and death is set to hit the big screen with LENNY KRAVITZ the favourite to play the rock legend. Music impresario ELLE VON LEAR has acquired the "exclusive authority" to use the...

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Grint Eyes Tarantino Collaboration

20th March 2006

HARRY POTTER star RUPERT GRINT hopes he will escape being typecast as the boy wizard's affable accomplice by starring in a gritty QUENTIN TARANTINO film. The 17-year-old - who plays bumbling RON WEASLEY in the...

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Tarantino's French Maid Fantasy

24th February 2006

Cult director QUENTIN TARANTINO once considered complying with a kinky fan's request to sport a French maid outfit and clean their apartment. Tarantino insists he receives some kinky fan-mail, but one particular letter beat...

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Tarantino Heats Up Sweden

13th February 2006

KILL BILL director QUENTIN TARANTINO is raising eyebrows in Sweden after being caught furiously kissing a woman in a bar. The director is in Stockholm to scout talent for COWGIRLS IN SWEDEN, a fake...

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