Queen stars Brian May and Roger Taylor credit MOTT THE HOOPLE with inspiring them to embrace their flamboyance and become fully-fledged rock stars in the 1970s.
The Bohemian Rhapsody hitmakers were Mott the Hoople's opening act on tour of America in 1974, and the Queen rockers admit it was on the road with the band where they cultivated their theatrical stage persona.
May explains, "That was when we learned how to be rock stars. Just as you thought the day was over, one of Mott would burst into your room, loaded with bottles and whatever else, and off you'd go again. It was very, very full-on and very, very exciting."
And drummer Taylor is convinced it was Mott the Hoople's liberal fans who encouraged Queen to develop their glam rock act.
He recalls, "Mott were perfect for us. They had an open-minded, very rock 'n' roll, insane audience. They were liberated, colourful - not the normal rock crowd... The shows got bigger, but it was rough. Fred (Mercury, frontman) wouldn't get out of the van some nights. He and Brian had black and white fingernails and literally wore dresses, but the tough audiences in Liverpool and Glasgow and Newcastle loved us."