Queen rocker Brian May had mixed emotions after hearing about the death of Les Paul - because he failed to impress the guitar great when they met.
May went online after news of Paul's passing broke last week (13Aug09), and found a clip of himself performing with the star in New York.
The 62-year-old axeman remembered meeting Paul and taking the stage with him at Fat Tuesday's nightclub in the 1990s - but recalls the guitar innovator wasn't impressed with him.
He says, "I only discovered yesterday that there is a clip on (video sharing website) YouTube of me playing with Les. I had no idea. If you watch it - it's only a fragment - you'll see that I'm mostly singing, not playing, like most guitarists did when they were guests at his Fat Tuesday's club. The reason was I didn't feel worthy of competing!
"It was my only time of meeting with the venerable Mr. Paul. I don't think he was particularly impressed with me, except for the fact that I too had invented a guitar... but I don't think he welcomed that thought with much pleasure either."
Paul died on Thursday (13Aug09) at the age of 94 following a battle with pneumonia.