Queen stars Brian May and ROGER TAYLOR have given Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins' side project a boost - by agreeing to guest on the group's new album.
The British rockers joined Hawkins' Foo Fighters bandmate Dave Grohl and former The Cars star Elliot Easton on the Coattail Riders' second album Red Light Fever.
The drummer tells Spinner.com, "I had some help from some friends on this record... You pull in favours.
"Brian May, he was helpful on a couple of those tunes, Roger Taylor sang background vocals; I always loved his voice. He was such an important part of the sound of Queen.
"Then Elliot Easton from The Cars did a guitar solo on the first song of the record. I love his guitar playing. I met him over the past year and I just corralled him into coming into the studio.... Then my good buddy Dave from the Foo Fighters came along. He played a lot of rhythm guitar on the record. He was very helpful early on with arrangements."