Queen star Brian May will always regret the fact he never got the chance to perform the songs I Want It All and The Miracle with late pal Freddie Mercury.
The guitarist has revisited the two promos for upcoming Dvd Queen Greatest Video Hits and he reveals his frontman was ill when he shot the short films in the months leading up to his Aids-related death in 1991.
May admits he would have loved to have performed the two hits with Mercury before he died.
The rocker says, "He (Mercury) was finding it harder to actually find the energy to do things like this (make videos)... A lot of the time in this period he was pretty sick, so it's an amazing effort of will that he managed to do this at all.
"We were never able to perform I Want It All live; it would have become something which was a staple core of the Queen show - it's very participative... It's very anthemic."
And of Mercury's uplifting The Miracle, May adds, "I've always loved the track... and I remember the joy we had in the studio.
"It would have been nice to do this song live... You can certainly imagine this with an audience."