Queen Latifah arrived late to last night's Golden Globes ceremony and was forced to wait at the back of the room until the evening's host Ricky Gervais had finished his opening monologue. She arrived fifteen minutes after the show was due to start and around three minutes after Ricky had begun his first section, according to a report today (January 16th, 2012) from the Associated Press.
Once she was free to be seated, Queen Latifah was sat next to Mary J Blige. Blige was nominated for the Best Original Song award for 'The Living Proof' which featured in The Help. That award was eventually won by Madonna, for 'Masterpiece', from the W.E. soundtrack, despite Elton John telling reporters that she didn't stand a chance of winning. In 2008, Latifah won a Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in the TV series Life Support.
Last week, Queen Latifah's latest movie, Joyful Noise, with Dolly Parton received mixed reviews following its opening night. One critic described the film as "A lower echelon of musical comedy hell (or heaven, if you love the hoariest musical comedy cliches)." The movie follows the story of a choir entering a national competition and also stars Keke Palmer and JEREMY JORDAN.