Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has become the first ever monarch to stream their abdication from the throne to a live audience, with the Dutch Queen handing power over to her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, in a ceremony that is streaming live on YouTube right now.

Queen Beatrix, Emma Thompson
Queen Beatrix, here with Emma Thompson, was a popular figure in The Netherlands.

Queen Beatrix, 75, signed the instrument of abdication in the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, earlier today after 33 years on the throne. Willem-Alexander will take on the responsibility, becoming the first King of the Netherlands since the 19th century. As can be=e seen from the stream of proceedings, Amsterdam is currently awash with orange-clad pro-Royal citizens who wanted to see off the much-loved Queen and welcome in her son as the country's monarch. Street parties have been planned up and down the country to see in the crowning of the new monarch.

The Dutch Queen announced her intention to stand down in January this year, stating that her son was more than ready to reign and that it was time for the throne to be held by "a new generation". Over recent years the Dutch have adopted a policy of 'handing over to the younger generation' in most professional fields in a bid to improve the standard of life for most middle-age Dutch individuals.

Queen Beatrix
The Dutch people are currently celebrating the legacy of 
Queen Beatrix

At the time of writing this, Willem-Alexander now the King of The Netherlands, although he will later be officially sworn in at the Nieuwe Kerk, before a joint session of the Dutch parliament.

The ceremony, and future official ceremonies, re be attended by a wealth of different royals and high-ranking dignitaries from across the world, including Britain's Prince Charles (who is probably waiting for his mother to do him a favour and step down soon too) and the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain and Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and his wife.

You can watch the live Dutch coverage of the ceremony on YouTube, with English coverage available via the BBC.