Review of FM Doll Single by Queen Adreena

Queen Adreena

Queen Adreena - FM Doll - Single Review

Queen Adreena

FM Doll

This three-minute train wreck from ultra-fierce psycho-punks Queen Adreena is a ride from Satan’s own backyard amusement park. That is to say; if it’ll scare the Dark One, it’ll scare anyone.

Inspired by the brutal unsolved murder of six year-old beauty pageant veteran Jon-Benet Ramsey in her parents home in Boulder, Colorado, on Christmas Day ’96, ‘FM Doll’ is the first slice of unchecked insanity from the new Queen Adreena album, ‘Butcher and the Butterfly’.

Queen Adreena - FM Doll - Single Review

Fronted by Katie-Jane Garside (formerly of the sensational Daisy Chainsaw), Queen Adreena have pulled off something pretty special here: Treating seemingly untouchable subject matter with a rusty iron fist and coming off ferocious, tainted and sympathetic in something like equal measure.

The finger of blame in the case of little Jon-Benet has been pointed at both of her parents, and also her brother, during an investigation allegedly botched by Colorado police, and Queen Adreena appear to reiterate such accusations here to dramatic, compelling and somewhat withering effect.

It’s not the easiest listening, especially for anyone with any knowledge of the situation it tackles, but neither should it be. Either way, you escape from ‘FM Doll’s painted claws torn, bruised, sated and better off. This is high-art born from low deeds.

R.I.P. Jon- Benet .