Picture - PVT, Deep Ocean Technology and Ridgewood Hotels at shore of Kuredhivaru Kuredhivaru Maldives, Saturday 15th June 2013

Polish architectural and deep-sea engineering company Deep Ocean Technology has inked a deal with Ridgewood Hotels and Suites PVT. Ltd. to build its futuristic part-underwater Water Discus Hotel just off the shore of Kuredhivaru Island in the Maldives. 'The luminous hotel features two large disc-shaped lounges seven-meters above the water, housing a luxury restaurant and spa. The lounges are connected to a glass tunnel plunging 30-meters below the water, leading to 21 opulent bedrooms. Not only does the hotel look like a spaceship -- it actually moves like one, with the largest underwater saucer-shaped room able to slide to the surface in emergencies. 'If you need to replace a window for example, it's very difficult underwater,' explained one of the designers. 'So we wanted to build a building that can surface any time for maintenance or safety. - Kuredhivaru , Maldives - Saturday 15th June 2013

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