Review of Mr 100 Percent Single by Pull Tiger Tail

Pull Tiger Tail
Mr 100 Percent
Single Review

Pull Tiger Tail Mr 100 Percent Single

Pull Tiger Tail is an interesting name why that name who knows? All that is known about this trio is that they like tigers!!

Panic At The Disco! are set to release... nope my apologies I me mean Pull Tiger Tail are set to release Mr 100 Percent on b-unique records. This a great track if you like the sort of thing that Panic At The Disco! have to offer. In all honestly however if that is the case the just buy Panic At The Disco's album because it is too uncanny in the ears it is like a pair of twins (A bit confusing, they sound the same). Originality seems to be a thing of the past nowadays it is a bloody crime.

Mark Moore

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