Review of Pull In Emergency Album by Pull in Emergency

London Indie rockers Pull in Emergency's debut self-titled album does not really offer much in terms of surprises, but in its 31 minutes of bouncy pop rock, it shows glimpses of brilliance that the band can only build on with future releases.

Pull in Emergency Pull In Emergency Album

That isn't to say that Pull in Emergency is a bad album however. The ten tracks on offer here are worth a listen, especially if you like your rock music mixed with a great deal of energy and an obvious pop sensibility; from the anthemic Strokes-esque album highlight Everything is the Same to the more downbeat raga style rhythms of What You Say. It is all enjoyable and it takes in a number of different genres and styles, but it is nothing you have never heard before.

That being said, the wit of the lyrics in Cold Hands ("then you took my legs but they wouldn't take you far"), and the absolutely massive chorus give the album a feeling of promise; of better things to come. Let's just hope they can deliver.

Ben Walton

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