The American Music Awards were dominated by one thing, the same thing that's dominated everything for the past few months: Gangnam Style. 

Everyone was begging to get an interview with the song's creator, Korean rapper Psy, who doesn't miss an opportunity to flaunt the dance move that's taken the world by storm. In a video uploaded by ET Online, many of the high profile attendees at the awards were either attempting their own version of Gangnam, or watching in awe as Psy performed with MC Hammer. "20 years ago I saw MC Hammer on the TV in Korea, and he said, you can't touch this, and 20 years later, I can touch him right now," Psy said, to a round of laughter, patting MC Hammer on the back. The pair enjoyed a great performance on stage, well and truly raising the roof as everyone stood up and joined in with the unusual moves. 

The news, perhaps, should have been focussed on the late Dick Clark; the creator of the awards 40 years ago as he tried to offer an alternative to The Grammys. But it was Justin Bieber that dominated proceedings, as he picked up award after award and was seen arm in arm with Selena Gomez. The on again off again couple look to have reconciled, but who can be sure with young love?