Youtube viral video sensation Psy is to be the flag waver at this weekend's South Korean Formula 1 Grand Prix. Some might argue that this is some sort of hefty selling out by the 34 year-old rapper given that the song that has made him famous, 'Gangnam Style', is an attack on the wealthy, materialistic ways of the people who dwell in the aforementioned Gangnam area. After all, is there anything quite so indulgent as owners pumping millions of dollars into a car race? Yet it's hard not to soften to Psy, given the way that his video has caught the imagination of the global public.

The sporting world in particular has gone mad for the dancing in the 'Gangnam Style' video - which has now topped 400 million views on Youtube - West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle was recently seeing doing it at the T20 World Cup, as was tennis star Novak Djokovic during one of his matches. "I look forward to bringing Gangnam Style to the glamorous world of F1, and welcome everyone to Korea for this great race!" Psy told Formula One's official website. The star will also be performing his hit before the race gets underway, though hopefully not soon before it, or else he might have to put those dance moves to good use getting out the way of on-rushing traffic.