After it emerged that Korean pop sensation Psy had covered aan anti-American song eight years ago, it looked like the honeymoon was well and truly over for South Korea's new cultural ambassador. However, looking over Twitter and the rest of Psy's home away from home (the internet), it looks as though he might escape this one with only a few scratches.

At last nights New York Nets game against the Golden State Warriors, 'Gangnam Style' could still be heard blaring down from the rafters, and no one seemed to care. Likewise on Twitter, rather than a feeling of Nationalist defence of America there was more of a feeling of "well, not that many people like us anyway." Acclaimed author Gary Shteyngart for one praised Psy for being "so Old Testament," in regards to his lyric "Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers." Whilst another person Tweeted "Psy doesn't like us :( I thought that was clear when he brought MC Hammer out onto the stage."

Psy has since issued a public apology for the song and any other anti-American sentiment he may have harboured before he became an internationally known star. The events in question are both ten and eight years old respectively and the latter involved the star at a protest aimed at the U.S. military presence in South Korea in 2002 (as the Washington Post first pointed out) where he destroyed a fake tank on stage and again in 2004 at another anti-America military rally where he performed the now infamous song 'Dear America' - a cover by the South Korea metal band N.E.X.T.