It's hard to imagine a life before Psy's Gangnam Style, especially for us entertainment writers. Such is its popularity, it's recently become the highest viewed video on YouTube, and if this continues, it'll be the first vid to secure 1 billion hits, we're sure of it. 

But don't take our word for it; YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca has been talking to MTV about the viral hit-turned-dance floor classic. "There are a number of artists who have a billion views in their catalog ... Bieber has three billion for all his videos," said Allocca. "But we haven't had a single music video pass one billion yet [and] 'Gangnam' is in position to be the one right now." And  with an average of 7-10 million views a day (11 million on Saturdays), Allocca said the tune is still operating at an "incredible" pace that hasn't been seen before. "This is so unlike anything we've seen before," he said. "It's hard to say he'll average seven million a day because that's a ridiculous statement based on what we know about YouTube. But he's operating in a space where there's not a lot of history to work from."

What Bieber started - using the social media video platform to launch a prolific career - Psy seems to have capitalized on, and maybe even bettered. "What Bieber has done is a very special thing in pop culture," he said, noting that "Baby" has been online since February 2010 and has slowed down since its heyday. "He's a poster figure for using YouTube and social media to build a dedicated fanbase who feel very invested in him."