South Korean superstar Psy has already taken the world with his hugely successful video for the single 'Gangnam Style,' yet that didn't mean he was going to take things easy when he pulled up in Frankfurt for this this weekends MTV Europe Music Awards.

The K-Pop sensation brought the multi-platinum single to the stage at the awards ceremony and just like the video for the song, he didn't skimp on the over the top antics with a performance that included hundreds of Psy lookalikes taking to the stage and even a surprise appearance from David Hasslehoff, on a toilet no less. The performance featured Psy and a throng of back-up dancers walking to the stage to perform his trademark dance, with a screen behind him featuring a cartoon image of the singer before he was joined by even more backing dancers - all dressed as Psy. If that wasn't good enough, then the appearance from the Hoff should have appeased just about everyone watching.

Psy took to Twitter after his performance to ask his fans what they thought of his breathtaking performance, asking:  "How was it!? Am I #EMAzingPSY!!???" 

Don't worry Psy, we don't think you'll have too much criticism to lose sleep over.