South Korean internet sensation Psy led a mass dance to his worldwide hit 'Gangnam Style' at Oxford University Union this week. Appearing at a packed university debating chamber, Psy, 34, simply turned on the speakers, fired up his song, and showed students his famous horse dance.

Hundreds joined in with the moves, made famous in a YouTube video that has garnered over 650 million views. He's the first Korean pop artist to score a UK No.1 and hopes his success will start a new wave of Korean acts having chart success in Britain. Addressing the university union, Psy spoke of his surprise at the rapid success of 'Gangnam Style' and now feels the pressure to do the same with his new work. Ah, that difficult second album eh?

The Oxford Union is one of the most famous and prestigious student societies in the world, having been founded in 1823 to provide a form for free speech at a time when Oxford University banned all discussion of politics and religion. The late Michael Jackson is a previous singer to have addressed the union, as is Shakira and more recently, the My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way.

Watch Psy at the Oxford Union below: