Whether you love or hate Psy's 'Gangnam Style', one has to recognise its sheer popularity as it became YouTube's most viewed video ever, despite not being around as long as many of its competitors.

While we either dance around to it, or cover our ears and run away whenever we hear it, the song, and Psy's success has been a pretty big deal for South Korea, who have attempted to capitalize on the unlikely triumph of an already established rapper in the U.S and Europe. The dance, and song, is named after the Gangnam district - one of the 25 gu (local government districts) which make up the city of Seoul, South Korea. The affluent part of town literally translates as "South of the (Han) River". In fact, the song isn't just named after the district, famous for its deluxe shopping boutiques and rich population, it's pretty disparaging of it; mocking the rampant consumerism that goes on down there. 

The whole thinking behind this frankly bizarre video is to boost Gangnam's attractions. The goal is to draw more tourists to the area, and to Seoul. And along with the campaign is a contest in which people write on the group's Facebook page about what Gangnam means to them. Winners get a free trip to Seoul. Check out vid below; it kind of makes us never ever want to go anywhere near it. Ever.