Watch out, Girls Aloud, because one of Korea’s most popular girl groups, Girls’ Generation are on their way and are planning to release their first ever English language album.

The nine-strong female band, all aged between 21 and 23, have been releasing records for 5 years and have sold in excess of 30 million digital singles and 4.4 million albums in that time, thanks to a helping hand from their Korean management agency SM Entertainment. Now, with the path having been paved by fellow Korean Psy – whose ‘Gangnam Style’ track became a viral hit this year – Girls’ Generation are looking to take their K-pop success to the English-speaking world. They’ll be hoping that Psy’s novelty tracks has increased awareness of K-pop in the UK and other English speaking countries.

According to The Guardian, the band are expecting that their debut English language album will be released in 2013, through Lady GaGa’s label, Interscope. It’s expected that the album will be a huge success; their electropop music and “brilliantly produced” music videos stand them in good stead when it comes to attracting new fans that are currently unaware of their existence. Mio Scobie of US Weekly Magazine, said “They produce feelgood beats, instantly memorable choruses and, as I'm sure people have already noticed, they're stunning. British listeners are used to genres being full of variety, so in terms of people getting disappointed that other K-pop acts aren't like Psy, I doubt that'll be the case.” 

Watch Girls' Generation's 'Gee' here: