A restaurant in Los Angeles has renamed itself Gangnam Style but Korean rapper Psy hasn’t been bothered by the move and will not be asking the restaurant’s owners to change it. The Koreatown restaurant was originally known as Soju Town. Last month, after a brief period of closure, the restaurant opened again, with a new name – an obvious homage to Psy’s hit single.

The restaurant owners didn’t think to ask Psy if he minded them dedicating their restaurant to his novelty hit and TMZ learned that his management team were initially none too pleased to learn about it. They reportedly considered taking legal action but as Psy himself wasn’t too bothered, they thought better of it. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? Well, Psy certainly thinks so. Looks like the restaurant owners got off lightly with this one. We reckon it will have the (presumably desired) effect of getting more punters through the doors… especially now the story has been splashed across the news!

It’s been a cracking few months for Psy, whose Gangnam Style video became a viral hit after being uploaded to YouTube. It was recently announced that he’s toppled Justin Bieber by now having the most watched video on the site. Gangnam Style is everywhere… even in your local restaurants, now.