The world’s first Gangnam Style death has prompted a warning to middle aged-men, urging them not attempt the dance, after a 46 year old man collapsed at an office party in Blackburn, England. Eamonn Kilbride died in front of his wife after mimicking Psy’s popular ‘Gangnam Style’ dance, The Independent reports.

A consultant cardiologist at Newcastle University warned older men to be careful, especially during the festive season and told them not stray outside of their “comfort zones” when it comes to strenuous exercise, or having fun at their Christmas parties. He added “The chance that you’ll come to grief is very small. But as with any form of untypical exercise … be somewhat measured. Let the lady dance around you.” Kilbride was at the party with his wife Julie, who described him as the “life of the party” and she paid tribute to her “loving husband.” He leaves behind three children, Laurajade, 22, Jack, 21 and Conor, 18.

There have been a plethora of ‘tribute’ videos to Psy’s unique ‘Gangnam Style’ dance uploaded onto YouTube – the site that made the original version so famous. Occasionally, the stories behind these videos have not had such a happy ending; such as the time a group of lifeguards lost their jobs for but this is the first time that such a tragic story has been reported as a result of people celebrating Psy’s overnight success.