It’s hard to believe that a single artist has made a year’s worth of news with a single track, but this is exactly what Psy has done with 'Gangnam Style.'

We can hear you groaning already. If you’ve lived on planet Earth in the past six months, you’ve probably heard the K-pop sensation enough times to last you a lifetime, not counting remixes, spoofs, parodies and whatever else there is. Well, all that publicity adds up to something massive, as 'Gangnam Style' has become the first video on youtube to reach a billion views, Billboard reports. Yes, we had to spell it out, so as not to get confused by all the zeroes. One billion. This trumps Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and any video of a cat falling over you can think of.

Psy, or Park Jae-Sang, has so far sold more than 4 million copies of the song worldwide, as well as becoming the first Korean artist to reach the top of the UK chart - a victory for cultural diversity, the power of the internet and, well, overall strangeness, if ever there was one. It’s rare that an online sensation crosses over into “real life” so easily, but at the end of last summer, 'Gangnam Style' broke into traditional media and regular life with such force, that it managed to stamp itself onto the collective consciousness for months and maybe even years to come. In a somewhat ironic (or is it? we can never figure that out) twist, by the time traditional media picked up on the phenomenon, the internet was already sick of it, resulting in 'Gangnam Style' being declared dead more times than hip hop.

The song, the performer and the phenomenon are still kicking though, with Youtube reports saying that even now, 'Gangnam Style' receives 6.5 million views per day or about 74 views per second. So will we ever get tired of 'Gangnam Style'? Maybe, but will it ever truly go away? That’s looking less likely every day. Heeeey sexy lady!