You’d think that shaking the hand of President Barack Obama would signify the high point of ‘Gangnam Style’ rapper Psy’s acceptance by the USA, however, from the outraged reaction of several publications it would appear that his love affair with the country could be about to come to an end.

Though known these days as a lovable funster, whose dance moves have caught the imagination the world over and caused him to have the most watched Youtube video ever, back in 2004 he sang “kill those f****** Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives…kill them all slowly and painfully” as part of an anti-American protest song that he’d written, according to the Daily Mail. Psy has apparently since apologized for the song, but it was picked up by nevertheless who fumed at the meeting of the rapper and the President. They raged “OBAMA, BIDEN COZY UP TO ANTI-AMERICAN RAPPER PSY”, their story going on to be tweeted dozens of times, with other publications picking up the piece as well.

Psy was performing at the White House as part of a charity concert that also featured Diana Ross, Demi Lovato and Scotty McCreery, the festive gathering seeing the K-pop star perform his celebrated dance moves. The President said that the event was “a chance to get in the Christmas spirit, spread some joy and sing along with artists who have much better voices than we do.” It seems like some aren’t quite ready to impart any seasonal goodwill just yet.