World Championship Snooker 2004

World Championship Snooker 2004 - PS2 Review

After a weeks holiday in Lanzarote with the lads consisting of the usual Sun, Sea and S@# (well actually none of those just sat on the balcony all week, must be my age), I was looking forward to seeing which game I would be reviewing when I got back home. Between you and me I was hoping it would be Driver3 but that was until I switched on my PS2 and saw this latest version of world snooker from Codemasters. I have two words for you BUY IT, it's as simple as that. By the way I am not just saying that to snooker playing gamers, I'm talking to everyone, it's a must buy.

Compared to its previous incarnations there is no comparison even from the opening start up sequences it just looks great. Then to the game itself where visually it looks and plays like the real McCoy. While playing don't be surprised if someone passing asks what tournament you are watching on the TV (well my mate did anyway), but seriously it looks that good. The animation of the top players is much improved with each

World Championship Snooker 2004 - PS2 Review

players characteristics superbly reproduced with ultra smooth gameplay and graphics.

The environments have been improved with highly detailed arenas (even down to exit signs) including all the usual venues like the Cruicible Theatre. Also the audiences genuinely look like people rather than cardboard cut outs and a neat trick is that in the early stages of tournaments the crowds are sparse but as you progress through the rounds and rise up the rankings the crowds soon come flocking to see the latest snooker star.

The commentary is spot on with the dulcet tones of John ‘trick shot' Virgo and Dennis ‘finger wagging' Taylor as company to each game, and its not infuriating listening to them in fact its quite encouraging which makes it all the better.

The tables look great, sound effects are accurate using the right pace and spin on shots being the key to mastering this game, which is quite challenging in your pursuit of becoming world No.1. Extra special shots get replayed or you can get the pocket camera treatment with ball rolling towards you as on TV which makes for a truly realistic snooker experience,

There are plenty of game options to keep you occupied, with the clever inclusion of 8 ball and 9 ball pool which adds even more to the proceedings and should keep the pub going fraternity happy as Larry. There is also John Virgos Trick Shot option which is Tricky, and for you older gamers there is the Classic Matches where you attempt to emulate past victories. We can all remember where we were when the final black of the 1985 World Championship Final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor went down with Taylor wagging his sausage like finger in delight, ahh memories, well you can have the chance to reproduce that moment.

What more can I say, this game will be a classic, it's very addictive and the hours will fly by. So experience the tension of winning a frame with only the colours on the table, will you be able to take the pressure. You'll be playing this game for days on end, no actually months on end. Non snooker fans will be pleasantly surprised and will find this game a real challenge and will want to conquer it.

It's just great, I could go on singing its praises forever but I won't, so that's enough from me. Go on check it out for yourselves and I guarantee you'll be saying that Uncle Andy he knows what he's talking about trust me. Go on buy it, would I lie!


Snooker enthusiasts will be impressed and even you cynical non snooker fans


Visuals are great and will immerse you into the game


No limit to how long you will be playing this game, it gets better and better

Words: Andrew Veiro

9 out of 10