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Games - Smash Court Pro Tennis 2 - PS2 Review

Smash Court Pro Tennis 2 - PS2 Review

As well as taking control of a fair selection of licensed tennis pros, players can choose to create their own player, a feature that has gladly been incorporated into almost all sports sims these days. So fulfilling my sense of duty to the way of the video game I crafted an over-weight blonde haired African woman named P Diddy to do my on-court bidding, computer games are so much more fun than real life.

Thankfully SCTPT2 presents the players with an interesting pathway through the Pro Tour game mode where instead of having to play every point and game you are presented with a series of 'turning point' moments throughout the game. In these you simply have to win a game with a certain margin of points or break a serve or some similar 'cliff-hanger' tennis scenario. I found this an exciting way of approaching the game as it meant I was not worried about the long slog through preliminary rounds to reach a final but instead given the task of clinching it in the final set from the get-go. This system manages keeps the interest and excitement levels high.

Smash Court Pro Tennis 2 - PS2 Review
Smash Court Pro Tennis 2 - PS2 Review

Extensive tutorial modes ease you into the fairly standard controls but I found a huge discrepancy between the serving tutorial for the service ball placement and the actual results I achieved during gameplay. Double faults came easily as I tried to place even the subtlest of steering on my serve.

Thankfully for me the game has eradicated the long standing annoyance I had with tennis games, designed so that you have to switch ends between sets. SCTPT2 keeps the player in the near end of the court, always playing upwards towards the opponent thus eliminating having to, in effect, learn the game twice by playing from two different on screen positions.

The graphics are good with well crafted character animation and bright clear scenery. Sound effects are pretty realistic too, right down to regional accents in the encouragements shouted by the crowd.

There is only so much you can say about tennis sims as the very nature of the sport restricts the gameplay. If you like tennis and video games then SCTPT2 will be good for you but for me the whole thing seems constricted and far from satisfying because of the lack of free play options. It's all a bit back and forth. Like tennis I suppose.

For a tennis game 8 out of 10

For a way to spend precious hours of your life 3 out of 10


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