Resident Evil - Dead Aim

Resident Evil - Dead Aim Review

I know what your thinking, another cheap cash in by Capcom, but don’t worry the latest in the gun survivor range, resident Evil: Dead Aim, sports a cool l ook that matches its gameplay.

Set on a boat, new character, Bruce McGivern as to be expected is drifting in to a walking nightmare. After a group of terrorists led by Morpheus D. Duvall hijack a cruiser from the Umbrella Corporation he finds himself surrounded by the undead.

The game isn’t like those previous in the franchise, it allows players to

stay in the first-person perspective, but also allows a comfortable range of 3D movement from a third-person perspective. From this viewpoint you can comfortably explore the familiar environments to which you are faced with throughout the game.

PS2 - Resident Evil - Dead Aim Review

The game is well detailed, allowing players to explore individual rooms in the ship including restrooms, sleeping quarters etc.When exploring the ship, you know that it’s a matter of time before you are took by surprise by a walking undead, but should danger loom, one tap of R1 switches the action into first person mode, the game becomes noticeably like house of the dead at this point, using a targeting reticle and visual prompts that alerts you when danger lurks off screen you can battle baddies

up close and personal.

This aspect of the game is sharp and responsive, whether using a game pad or Gun Con 2, the game just feels more personal with Zombies shambling from the shadows and biting at your face from inches away.The game, however is not easy as attacks often shuffle forth from varying directions at disconcerting speed, even though bullets and weapon upgrades are in good supply, essential as you are subject to attacks from every direction.

Enemy placement in this game is also very good, as you are often questioning where a particular Zombie has come from. Zombies are also quite difficult to finish off and can take dozens of bullets to kill, a bullet to the head is often essential, killing them outright. The game also offers various difficulty levels, each one notching up the tension.

The games visuals are also very good and help to set the mood, cinematics allow you to see expressions on each players face, a very impressive feature of the game.Its not surprising that the surrounding environments in this game are very impressive looking at Capcoms history with these games, in which we have come to expect stunning surrounding environments. Doors, Hallways, rooms are all well represented. The same can be said for character modelling e.g. players and zombies.

The games Sound is also a good feature of the game, groans and moans echo down each hallway signalling impending danger. This adds spookiness along with the creaking and clanking of the various surfaces you walk on. We even hear the voice-overs for Bruce.Dead Aim isn’t your average Resident Evil and is finally the game that puts gun survivor series on the map. Those gamers who have suffered through previous editions form this series will be able to hear that Dead Aim is a welcome change from the ‘norm’ and is well worth checking out.

7 out of 10