NFL Street Review PS2

NFL Street Review PS2

NFL Street is a spin off of the successful and brilliant Madden series. EA took their NBA game and made it faster and more visually pleasing and stuck the name street on the box. NBA Street has been a great success and it is a good game, now they have taken the NFL and given it the same treatment but the game of American football has had to change to become a street game.

NFL Street is a seven-on-seven game that is played outside in urban surroundings around the US. EA have modified, well fundamentally changed some of the rules of the NFL. Firstly, the downs work in a different way to the conventional way, the field, or playing area is split in to 10 yard sections. These markers represent set downs, so if you make a run of 15 yards for example, you new first down will not be 1st and 10 it will be 1st and five yards to your next down. Whatever you might say this is a big change to the game of football but in the

NFL Street Review PS2

street environment the changes work well and makes for a much faster if not authentic game of football. As well as this you will not find any goal posts in the middle of the street. So EA have had to accommodate this by changing the way you score your extra point after touchdown. Instead of kicking the ball from a few yards outside of the end zone you will either be able to run the ball in to the end zone from a couple of yards away for a one point conversion or pass the ball for a two point conversion. Last of all the games are not timed, before the game you will decide on a set winning score. The first team to reach that predetermined score will become the winner.

NFL Street features a good number of modes to choose from such as the main mode NFL Challenge, quick game which is much like a friendly in another football game and a pickup game which you are given a random selection of 40 players to choose you team from. The NFL Challenge mode is pretty in depth, you will start with a team that features unknown players, then you will have to attempt to beat the NFL teams. As you progress through the matches you will be given challenges to complete which vary from scoring a set amount of style points in a game to making a certain number of sacks in a game and beating the opposing team. You will have to develop you team around the challenges as they begin to get more challenging. There are eight challenges in each division, as you complete them you will be awarded with tokens which will let you compete in other divisions and new challenges. You also earn development points which you can spend on changing the appearance of a player or increase their various skills and physical size. When you complete a division you will unlock a bonus teams as well and locked divisions. As you can imagine the challenge mode is deep and if you want to complete the game you are looking at 10-12 hours of game play. Your time is not wasted though because you can take you challenge team and use it in any of the other game modes at anytime.

NFL Street plays very much like an arcade game rather than the Madden series which simulates the game. So you don’t have to worry about injuries or penalties. To play NFL Street and be good at it you will need to have a good knowledge of all the moves available. All the standard move are here such as spin, jump and dodge but EA have added on move that enables you to pitch the ball away from the treat to another team mate. This move is probably the most important move when it comes to keeping possession of the ball, technically you will be able to pitch the ball number of times to make your way up to the end zone. When playing defence you can pull moves to catch and deflect the ball, diving tackles, weave through blockers and even rip the ball from the opponent’s hands. There are other moves that are playable while playing defence of offence such as a turbo button which let you give you selected player a temporary bust of speed. When you first see of play NFL Street you will instantly notice that the simple moves like blocking and spinning are overly exaggerated if not a little crazy and it is what you would expect from a Street title. The challenge mode can get a touch boring at times so NFL Street is far more enjoyable playing with friends in the multiplayer mode, as you might expect.

NFL Street really excels like most games when you are playing a friend,

A side from the standard moves of the game NFL Street features style moves which are similar to taunts. Basically if you pull off one of these moves you may well see your man running at speed while spinning the ball on his finger. These moves are what the stylish dunking manoeuvres of NBA Street are to NFL Street. Apart from just having the aesthetic looks of your plays showing off you score extra points for pulling these style moves. There is a downside though, when you pull off a style move you are far more vulnerable, so you will drop and fumble the ball so often that turnovers become very common place. Should you actually pull off some decent style moves without fumbling you will not just score additional points but you will increase your gamebreaker meter. Once the gamebreaker meter is full you can press a button to start your gamebreaker move. When you are in possession the gamebreaker will make you team virtually unstoppable for a short period of time. If you unleash the gamebreaker while playing defence the effects are just as effective, you should be able to flatten the opposing team force and turnover, giving you the opportunity to make you way up the field.

NFL Street is EA’s first attempt at taking the game of NFL to the arcade, while it is not perfect it does make a change to the same old NFL games that come out every year. NFL Street throws away the rule book, paints graffiti all over it and adds a great big fat wedge of hard hitting style to NFL. It doesn’t work are well as NBA Street as the game of basketball really lends itself to the street look and style. NFL Street stylish, it looks good, very hard hitting and you can’t go wrong if you are playing with a friend. Anyone that has been looking for a styled out NFL game, look no further.

8.0 Out of 10