NFL Street 2
NFL Street 2 -PlayStation 2 Review

NFL Street 2 -PlayStation 2 Review

For years (since the days of the Mega Drive ) EA have dominated the American Football market with the John Madden series. These games have been simulations which have excelled due to the quality of the titles. Not so long ago EA decided to get in the arcade sports game market and they released NBA Street which was a great hit and the street theme worked perfectly with the urban side of the sport. Then came NFL Street which brought the NFL into the arcade genre. On the whole it was a very good game it simplified the intricacies of the Madden series and added a whole load of arcade style gameplay.

NFL 2 has a couple of new game modes as well as the favourites from the first game including pick up and challenge mode. Pick up

NFL Street 2 -PlayStation 2 Review

mode is basically your quick pick up and play quick game, where as the NFL challenge is all about taking a team of nobodies and pitting them against NFL teams. One of the new modes is “own the city” in which you will create a player and then get trained the Pimp My Ride host Xzibit. Well you get trained by Xzibit very briefly as all he does is introduce you to the world of street football. Once you have finished the training you will be pitted against other unknown plays in a series of pick up games and mini games. Once you have beaten someone in the challenges you are said to own them. Basically this is a copy of the NFL Challenge mode but you get to play unknowns rather than the real deal NFL stars. There are other modes in NFL Street 2 but there is nothing you haven't seen before such as tournament style modes and mini games which can be quite entertaining when played with friends and the online option is always there if you don't have any friends.

NFL Street 2 hasn't changed much in terms of game-play since its predecessor made an appearance. The fundamentals are all still there from the original, the simplified playbooks, all the style moves and the gamebreakers make it to the sequel. One of the biggest changes or additions is the wall move which enables you to run along walls to avoid the opposing defence. This is a very simple move to pull all you have to do is press the style button when near a wall. You will also find hotspots on the playing field; if you pull off a juke or wall jump into the spot you will incur a huge style point bonus. But, there is always a negative to a positive, so if the defence tackles you into one of these hotspots they will receive the huge style point bonus.

Also new, or more of a modification is a second gamebreaker known as gamebreaker 2. So now you have two gamebreaker meters to fill by pulling off your style moves. However, you don't have to use gamebreaker 2, you can simply fill up the first meter and pull of a gamebreaker as in the original which will more than likely see you get a touchdown. If you decide to wait for the second gamebreaker meter to fill up you will be in for a guaranteed touch down, no doubt. The game will cut from the action and go straight to a cut scene which will show your team pull off a ridiculously over the top move and touch down. Even if you are playing defence the same result will ensue.

These additions to the game-play have changed the speed the balance of the game. The hotspots reward you with such huge style points you will be able you to fill up your gamebreaker meters very quickly. The probable addition of the gamebreaker 2 was to balance the style point bonuses against the gamebreaker 1, hence trying to balance out the gameplay. But in essence this doesn't happen, it is quite possible that you can pull off two gamebreaker 2's, which is two GUARANTEED touchdowns before the game is finished.

However, if you look at this game from a different perspective you will see NFL 2 is great fun to play, the speed of he game is immense and the action is completely OTT. So people preferring arcade games rather than simulations will love it.

The first game in the series was a good looking game but I would have liked to see some noticeable improvements, but unfortunately there aren't any, so you're not going to see anything new in terms of visual quality, but that is not saying that this is a bad thing, the tackles are bone crunching and the players look like they have had the steroid treatment.

The sound track is a good mix of rock and hip hop orientated tunes. Unfortunately, some tracks feel misplaced and a bit to clean/poppy for the street football scene. The sound effects are still much as they were before but we still like them. The voice over work is very minimal and mainly below average consisting of cheesy lines you would expect in some beat ‘em up's.

NFL Street 2 is one of those games you don't need to buy if you have the original. There just isn't enough here to warrant a new purchase. If you're a massive fan of the original you should definitely rent to see if it has enough to offer for the price of a new game. It's the newcomers to the series that will get the most out of NFL Street 2. Street 2 is a good game that won't tax your brain but you will find it's a blast to play with its over the top moves, good looks and fast paced action.


8.5 out of 10


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