FIFA FOOTBALL 2005 - PS2 Review

FIFA FOOTBALL 2005 - PS2 Review

Oh yes it can only mean one thing Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat please put £39.99 in EA Sports Wallet, that's right its FIFA FOOTBALL only this time its 2005.

Well what can you say about this game that hasn't already been said, it basically does what it says on the tin. It will be another round of squabbling between FIFA fans and Pro Evolution fans deciding which is better. I prefer EA Sports FIFA for two main reasons the first being it holds the licence to use the real names of players and clubs which is always much more fun and secondly it is pick up and play time arcade game. Yes true to say Pro Evolution's game engine is more superior giving you a real feel of playing the beautiful game, but for pure fun you can't beat FIFA 2005.

To be fair there isn't much difference to last year visually but now they have introduced a first touch system where by using the right analogue stick you can now control the instantly when it is passed to you instantly gaining extra space and time for yourself which can be crucial in tight games. The 'off the ball' control is back and slightly better where you can control players not in possession of the balll into making tackles, sending your team mates on runs and controlling the movement of players at free kicks, corners and now throw ins.

There is a creation zone where you can create the new Wayne Rooney and also create new tournaments, but the big bonus in FIFA 2005 is the career mode. Where you take control of a club in the lower reaches of the football league for example Rochdale and using your skill and judgement guide them to bigger and better things maybe even the Premiership title.

  FIFA FOOTBALL 2005 - PS2 Review
FIFA FOOTBALL 2005 - PS2 Review

The career mode is over a 15 year period which gives you plenty of time to impress and gain employment with the bigger clubs. Just manage your players right spend enough time on coaching, fitness and pulling in finances for the club and get the right results and the chairman will always be smiling but if you don't well there's only one option, you will be down the job centre before you can say we were robbed.




Its back again and I like it same as before but better.


Stadiums are pleasing to the eye and great crowd chants


Until 2006

90% and still winning

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