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Russell Crowe Inspired Superman Son Cavill When He Was Just 16

Russell Crowe Superman Proof of Life

Russell Crowe was left stunned when he realised the young star playing his son in the new Superman movie, Man Of Steel, was the kid he offered acting advice to on the set of 2000 film Proof of Life.

British actor Henry Cavill was an extra playing rugby with Crowe's movie son, Merlin Hanbury-Tenison, in the film when he plucked up the courage to chat with his idol during a break.

Crowe tells U.S. Tv show Extra, "I was watching the kid who was playing my son... but there was a guy in that rugby match who was a dominant player. When he came over to talk to me, I gave him an ear purely because I liked watching him play.

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Crowe Romance Rocked Ryan's World

Meg Ryan Proof of Life Russell Crowe

Meg Ryan was so upset by the way America turned on her during her 2000 romance with Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe she needed to take a break from Hollywood to recover.

The actress had long been considered America's sweetheart until the break-up of her marriage to Dennis Quaid and her fling with Crowe turned her into public enemy number one - and she struggled to cope with the backlash.

She tells Parade magazine, "It's a very big surprise in life when you learn that not everyone is rooting for you. It's a very scary thing when you figure that out.

"I never imagined that worrying about what other people think of me would be a big part of my day. But, when you get that much negativity thrown at you, you go, 'Whew, I've got to cope with that.'

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Ryan And Perry In New Romance?

Meg Ryan Matthew Perry Lizzy Caplan Dennis Quaid Proof of Life Russell Crowe

Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry have sparked rumours they are romantically involved after being seen getting cosy in Los Angeles.
The former FRIENDS star has been a regular guest at the actress' gated home in Bel Air, California.
A source tells American publication Us Weekly Perry was spotted arriving at Ryan's home on Saturday night (27JAN07) at 8:30pm, saying she "had the gates open, just waiting for him".
Perry, 37, and Ryan, 45, were also see dining out at The Brentwood restaurant in Los Angeles over the holidays.
An eyewitness says, "They sat in a dark corner booth. Meg asked that the spotlight on their table to be turned down."
A source confirms Perry and his recent girlfriend, THE CLASS star Lizzy Caplan, 24, "are not dating anymore."
Ryan divorced actor Dennis Quaid in 2001 and briefly dated her Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe.

Crowe: 'Ryan's Explanation Came Too Late'

Russell Crowe Meg Ryan Dennis Quaid Proof of Life THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW

Russell Crowe has dimissed Meg Ryan's attempts to reverse his "home-wrecker" reputation, insisting she should have explained he wasn't to blame for the break-up of her marriage to Dennis Quaid years ago. Crowe and Ryan enjoyed a brief public romance after meeting on the set of Proof of Life in 2000 - leading to speculation the movie beauty had left her husband for the Oscar-winning GLADIATOR star. Despite the rumours, Quaid and Ryan have always insisted they split in a "mutual and amicable" way before the actress began her ill-fated relationship with Crowe. On THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW last month (MAR06), Ryan declared Crowe "wasn't a home-wrecker" and praised him for "(taking) a lot of heat for that, and he had a lot of grace". However, Crowe is unimpressed his gallant behaviour wasn't defended earlier, because it fuelled his reputation as a Hollywood badboy. He says, "It would have been nice to hear (her) say that a few years earlier. "A lot of the badboy thing and attendant pressures came from that time. Everything seeps out from that, and a mould grows over you, because of the implications. "(However ) it's really brave that she finally got around to talking about it in public... the horse has bolted and life has moved on."

Ryan Praises Crowe's Grace Under Fire

Meg Ryan Russell Crowe Dennis Quaid Proof of Life

Actress Meg Ryan has praised ex-lover Russell Crowe for keeping details of her broken marriage to Dennis Quaid to himself when he was accused of being a home-wrecker. Ryan insists her marriage was irreparably damaged long before she met and fell for Crowe on the set of Proof of Life, and he became a shoulder for her to cry on as she went through divorce proceedings. Looking back, Ryan feels she and Crowe were vilified by the media by seeming to have a romance that shattered her marriage, and she'll always be grateful to the actor for not telling the press what was really going on. She says, "It was a very unhealthy marriage and it was pretty much not a happening marriage for a very long time. I probably should have left much earlier. "I'm very sad that it all had to come apart in the way that it seemed to have; it was never about another man, it was only about my and Dennis' relationship just couldn't sustain. "He (Crowe) wasn't a home-wrecker and he took a lot of heat for that and he had a lot of grace, frankly, about not talking about things that he knew were going on in my marriage and I'll be very grateful for him for a long time for that. "Divorce is an impossibly hard transition in your life and he was there for a few months."

Crowe Lifts Lid On Kidman And Urban's Relationship

Russell Crowe Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Moulin Rouge Proof of Life Meg Ryan

Hollywood hardman Russell Crowe insists his friend Nicole Kidman is smitten with country singer Keith Urban.

The Moulin Rouge! actress and New Zealand-born Urban reportedly got engaged over the US Thanksgiving weekend (24-27NOV05) in Nashville, Tennessee, where they celebrated the holiday with both their parents.

He says, "I've spoken to Nicole a couple of times recently and it was clear she's enjoying great happiness right now.

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Battle Of Meg Ryan's Exes

Meg Ryan Cinderella Man Proof of Life

Meg Ryan's ex-boyfriends got the chance to face each other in the boxing ring when they were cast as opposing fighters in Cinderella Man.

RUSSELL CROWE stars as BEN BRADDOCK in the upcoming drama, while CRAIG BIERKO plays Braddock's chief foe, German hulk MAX BAER.

One-time SEX + THE CITY star Bierko hopes fans don't think the hard man image he portrays in the film is for real: "I'm really a pussycat."

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Crowe's Son Taking After Dad

Russell Crowe Danielle Spencer Proof of Life Meg Ryan

Antipodean star Russell Crowe is delighted his baby son CHARLIE is following in his flirting footsteps - at the tender age of 18 months.

The OSCAR-winning actor and his wife Danielle Spencer welcomed their first child into the world in December 2003, only eight months after their star-studded wedding (APR03).

Before dating Spencer seriously in December 2000, Crowe was linked to a series of women, including his Proof of Life co-star Meg Ryan.

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Meg Ryan's Northern Ireland Film

Meg Ryan Proof of Life Mia Farrow Tim Robbins

Hollywood superstar Meg Ryan has agreed to appear in a new documentary about the plight of children in Northern Ireland.

The Proof of Life actress will examine the effect violence in the country has had on children growing up amongst it.

The film - which has been backed by stars Mia Farrow, Tim Robbins and SUSAN SARANDON - will be shown to celebrities at the UNITED NATIONS headquarters in New York.

28/04/2004 17:23

Romance For Meg Ryan And John Cusack

Russell Crowe High Fidelity John Cusack Neve Campbell Proof of Life Danielle Spencer

As MEG RYAN's ex-lover Russell Crowe embarks on a life of marital bliss,
the actress has found romance - with High Fidelity actor John Cusack.

Sources tell American magazine US WEEKLY that Cusack, 36, and 41-year-old
Ryan - who first met while doing voices for the 1997 animated movie ANASTASIA -
have been an item for five months.

A pal explains, "They have amazing chemistry, and the timing was

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