Professor Green is suffering from anxiety in the run up to his performance at Glastonbury.

The 29-year-old rapper - who is playing the famous festival this summer - is being kept awake at night because he's so nervous about taking to the stage and he admits it's a problem he doesn't normally have.

He said: ''The only big gig I'm doing is Glasto, I'm already having anxiety dreams about it. I'm the most nervous ever.''

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker revealed he is looking forward to enjoying the festival atmosphere with the fans after his performance and can't wait to get covered in mud.

He told The Daily Star newspaper: ''Put it this way, the next morning I'll be wide-eyed. I'll definitely be in the mud with everyone.''

The star - who is also set to marry reality TV star Millie Mackiontosh this summer - is so determined to concentrate on the release of his third album he's decided to post-pone their honeymoon and he has admitted his fiancé is very ''understanding.''

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Professionally and privately, I give it everything I've got.

''Millie is understanding about the honeymoon delay. The album comes at the same time as our wedding so we'll just have to wait a bit and have something extra special over Christmas.''