Professor Green is fed up with Twitter.

The rapper has announced he plans to curb his excessive use of the social media site, stop spewing inane ''digital diarrhoea'' and restrict himself to meaningful updates because he's sick of the banality of his online interactions.

He wrote in an article on The Independent newspaper's website: ''I'm having a reboot, a digital do-over. I've been on Twitter since January 2009, and I'm tired of the digital diarrhoea that has spewed forth from my fingers in the 140 format.

''Over the last five years, I've tweeted over 54,000 times - an average of 27.47 times per day. From last night I've decided to erase my timeline and start over. I'm deleting all previous tweets and unfollowing the 1,600 people who clutter up my timeline.''

The 30-year-old star, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, wants to start anew and make sure only the most important aspects of his life like his marriage to Millie Mackintosh and his music are documented.

He continued: ''I don't regret a single thing I've tweeted but I want to erase the past and start afresh. I've done a lot of my growing up in public; I've wrestled with a lot of demons, come to terms with many life-altering experiences and gotten married; most of, if not all, of which has been documented in some way shape or form on the internet.

''When I'm 80 years old sucking soup through a straw and my great grandkids are scrolling through my timeline, do I want them knowing I told two million people that I took a s**t at 4pm on a Thursday? Not really.''

The 'Just Be Good to Green' rapper also lamented the loss of basic grammar that Twitter is encouraging, and wants to do his great grandmother Edie proud by filling his time with more worthwhile activities.

He concluded: ''We're so concerned with documenting our digital persona that we've forgotten to experience reality. There's now a generation of kids watching an entire gig through their phone. Rather than experiencing the experience, we're Instagramming it. Make memories people, not Vine videos.

''It's time to be more considered. Instead of sitting on my phone, I'm going to do things that benefit my mind; read a book, go to an art gallery, meet a mate for a coffee.''