Prince decided to release 'HITNRUN' on TIDAL because they offered to pay him what he ''felt it was worth''.

The 57-year-old musician opted to share his latest album exclusively on Jay Z's streaming service and producer Joshua Welton admitted money played a big part, along with the respect Jay Z showed for Prince's music.

He said: ''We believe in high quality music, we believe in artists coming together, we believe in artist ownership, we believe in people and we believe in community. The fact that TIDAL was willing to even pay for the album what Prince felt it was worth, that just showed the appreciation that Jay Z has for music and for Prince. TIDAL were the only ones who said 'we're going to pay you directly for the work that you do'.

''It was a beautiful decision that Prince made, based just on relationships. I don't think it took Prince long to make the decision, and fortunately Hannah [Joshua's wife and 3RDEYEGIRL drummer] and I met with Jay Z at a listening party. He's a really great guy, and the level of greatness that he brings to the table just adds to the great cause.''

Joshua also revealed that 'HITNRUN' features some new sounds that fans will not have heard before.

He told Gigwise: ''I would definitely say that people will put this on and say 'I have never heard this sound on a Prince record before'. I've heard that said. There's definitely some stuff that will tickle your ears a little bit.

''Prince is a creative, so it's not like he's going to constantly create the same thing. There's new inspiration - it's constantly moving. I don't think people have heard him in this light before, but you'll definitely be able to turn it up loud and get your groove on to it.''