Prince has put any animosity he had with his former record company Warner Brothers behind him and has asked that all money made from the song he wrote for the company's HAPPY FEET film is donated to charity. The Purple Rain star reportedly wrote THE SONG OF THE HEART in two days after being inspired by a special preview screening of the film. The track appears on the Happy Feet soundtrack and has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for its uplifting sound. It was a surprise move for some because Prince once protested his contract with Warner Brothers by appearing with the word 'Slave' written on his cheek. He also famously changed his name to a symbol and was subsequently called THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE in 1993 because of the dispute with record company bosses. Not only has the singer told Warner Brothers film bosses to donate his fee, he has even insisted that royalties on the record be given away as well.