Prince has apologised to The Roots' musician Kirk Douglas after trashing his guitar during a late-night Tv set in New York last week (01Mar13).

The enigmatic Purple Rain hitmaker asked to borrow Douglas' 1961 Epiphone Crestwood ax for his two-song performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and threw the instrument to the ground before walking off the set.

Douglas, the guitarist in Fallon's house band The Roots, has since posted a photo of the broken guitar on, writing, "Maybe it's because I'm a dad but I think framing the guitar is a little like rewarding bad behavior."

However, he assured fans that Prince is making amends for smashing the guitar. He writes, "His people reached out and made arrangements to take care of damages. Guitar's in the shop."

Ironically, Douglas will be performing as part of a Prince tribute concert, which is scheduled to take place at Carnegie Hall in New York on Thursday night (07Mar13).