Prince William was ''one of the lads'' at university.

The prince studied History of Art at St. Andrews university in Scotland alongside his now-wife the Duchess of Cambridge - who was previously known as Kate Middleton - and their former classmate, singer-turned-actor Jules Knight, says they were very down-to-earth people.

Jules told Now magazine: ''We were on the same course and I lived next door to William.

''They're both very nice, down-to-earth people. We had a big group of friends and a great time.

''We used to go to house parties. It might sound weird but they were just part of our circle of friends, Kate especially. ''And you'd be amazed at how quickly we forgot that William was royalty. He was just one of the lads to us.''

In November, William recalled his happy memories of the university, where he and Catherine studied from 2001 to 2005.

At a fundraising dinner, the prince told of his ''happy, happy memories'' of being a student and described Catherine, with whom he studied History of Art, as his ''art guru'', adding: ''She was much better at it than me.''

In a short speech, William said his time at university evoked ''the happiest of memories, of cold winters and good friends''.