We all know that Prince Harry likes to live life on the edge. As far as members of the royal family go, Harry's definitely one of the wilder ones and has often found himself in a spot of bother when the media has caught up with his ill-advised partying antics (let's not mention that Nazi uniform, eh, Harry?). On Saturday night (August 19, 2012), Harry decided that he wanted a taste of the party life out in Las Vegas and found himself at a pool party at Mgm Grand's Wet Republic. So how did this Prince Harry's Vegas party turn out?
Harry found himself in the company of Jennifer Lopez for the evening, as well as his own mates for the evening and a source told E! News "It was his first Vegas pool party. He was with a group of around six to seven friends and just wanted to have fun with the boys. He was in town to take a break and have fun." Harry sure knows how to let his hair down, away from the constraints of royal life back home in Blighty, as the source revealed: "He was letting loose, and swimming and dancing to the music. It was great to see him acting like any normal guy. Harry and his friends even had a blow up whale in their area, they were just fooling around and joking and having some drinks and just enjoying themselves."
No scandals this time, then, just Harry larking around in a pool with a blow up whale and Jennifer Lopez in the vicinity. Let's hope he remembers to send William and Kate a postcard.