Prince Harry has returned home from a four month deployment in Afghanistan and could not be happier to be back. Speaking on his return he said that he was looking forward to some family time, but made sure to let us know that it's family only and that "[we're] not invited."

The young prince has been in the bad books of the nation this week after having spoken about killing the Taliban while on duty, in a fairly blasé manner, quite unbecoming of a prince. Now that he's back though, and seen the negative press, he's toned himself down. 

He was happy to say that there had been a marked improvement in Afghanistan during 2012 in contrast to his previous tour in 2006/7. "[T]he way things are going is fantastic, the difference between 2006 and now is absolutely fantastic." Adding a distinctly macabre note about the expectations of the army and of its soliders: "You get asked to do things that you would expect to do wearing this uniform and that's as simple as that really."

However, now "[he's] just thrilled to be back." Adding, "I'm longing to see my brother and sister-in-law... I really am longing to catch up with people behind closed doors - you guys aren't invited." Duly noted.

Finally, what does the future hold for Harry?  "Given the opportunity, I'd like to take on more royal stuff, to the extent that, pre-deployment, I've been very busy - hopefully there'll be a few gaps that open up."