In the same year that Prince Harry's brother William and sister-in-law Kate welcomed their first child, the news of an engagement between the younger prince and his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, could be imminent. The 29-year-old prince, formerly labelled a party boy by the world's media, is said to be finally ready to settle down.

Prince Harry
Despite His Wild Reputation, Prince Harry Seems To Want A Wife.

"Cressie is going to marry Harry," one of her friends told The Telegraph, adding "Harry never stops talking about marriage and children, and she has now got used to the idea. The wedding is likely to take place next year."

Surprisingly, it is Harry who is the one said to be pushing notions of the ultimate commitment and, even further on from that, children. "Cressida has been in floods of tears," some of her purported friends claimed, explaining "Harry is coming on very strong, but she is all over the place. She thinks she is far too young to get married and is scared by all his talk of marriage and settling down."

Cressida Bonas
Cressida Bonas Is Daunted By The Idea Of Royalty.

It seems like 24-year-old Cressida wasn't completely scared away though and the pair kept regular contact, whilst Harry completed his four-month tour of Afghanistan at the end of last year. Since his return, their relationship is said to be stronger than ever with romantic meals and cinema and theatre trips.

Cressida, who graduated from Leeds University, is said to be fun-loving and free-spirited; traits that can be found in Harry, but are not exactly shared by his royal heritage, which daunts the young socialite. Her mother is Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, the 60s "It girl" with an aristocratic background and her father is the businessman Jeffrey Bonas.

Prince Harry Long Bat
Will Harry Make The Move Soon?

Harry is apparently currently on a visit to Australia, where he has been swamped with female fans on a visit to Sydney Harbour, leading to police involvement. Now that it is highly unlikely that Harry will ever be King, he is granted a freedom not offered to his elder brother. However, the 29 year-old prince has clearly vented his wild side now and is ready to follow in his brother's footsteps and enter into holy matrimony with the girl he loves.