The news of Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas’ split only surfaced this week, but it looks like the two are already moving on. Well, he is, anyway. The newly minted bachelor used the opportunity to take a little trip to Miami this week, where he apparently did not waste any time moping. On Thursday, a few paps scoped out the royal at a beach house in Miami’s Soho neighborhood. In a video, shared by The New York Daily News, the prince is seen approaching a table of young women and can be heard saying: “It was nice meeting you.”

Prince Harry
Harry seems to be adjusting to the breakup well enough. 

Granted, that doesn’t necessarily mean he was flirting, but it is Miami after all. Harry is in the US just days after the breakup was made public (although it may have been longer since it actually happened). He is visiting the States to attend the wedding of of his good friend Guy Pelly.

In the meantime, Harry and his crew appear to be partying it up ahead of Pelly's big day. On the other side of the ocean, the royal’s ex, Cressida Bonas, has reportedly been granted “compassionate leave” from her job to deal with the fallout. She has pulled out of the Pelly wedding, Vanity Fair reports, and has also withdrawn from her marketing job in London – not exactly the standard procedure during a breakup, but maybe the protocol is different when your ex is fifth in line for the throne. According to most reports, Cressida is believed to have initiated the breakup. Variety's report says, “According to sources, Cressida, who is currently working for a marketing company in London’s Soho, has been given compassionate leave from work, while she gets over the break up. She was photographed earlier this week looking tired and drawn as she made her way to the office, and hasn’t been seen since then.”

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Cressida Bonas
Meanwhile, Cressida Bonas is taking sometime away from the public eye to deal with the situation.