LATEST: A photograph published in a newspaper today (15AUG06) showing Prince Harry grabbing a woman's breast were taken three years ago (03) and not earlier this summer (06) as claimed, according to a royal spokesman. UK tabloid The Sun alleged the picture was taken when the 21-year-old British royal spent a night in London's Boujis nightclub with his brother Prince William. Harry, who is dating CHELSY DAVY, reportedly got intimate with NATALIE PINKHAM when the pair posed for photographs taken by revellers. However, Prince Charles' communications secretary PADDY HAVERSON says, "The pictures are three years old and we have asked The Sun to correct it." The royal household also takes exception to the implication Harry was cheating on Davy with Pinkham, as they claim the pictures were taken in 2003, long before he started dating the Zimbabwean socialite. The Sun quoted a partygoer as saying, "He will probably be in big trouble with Chelsy now."