Everyone’s favourite cheeky chappy prince was allegedly spotted ‘twerking’ at his friend’s wedding last weekend. Prince Harry was said to be getting down on the dance floor at Guy Pelly’s wedding in Memphis, apparently urging the band to play five encores so that the party carried on past its scheduled 1am finish.

Prince Harry funny thingsHarry has a reputation for being a bit cheeky!

It’s not the first time that the wild prince has let his hair down, Harry’s always up to something silly. He’s been caught in action a few times, we can’t imagine how many times his antics have gone unnoticed.  There must be some real gems we just don't know about.

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Original Prankster

Way back in 2006 Harry got himself into a bit of trouble when he thew a smoke bomb into the marquee at his friend’s 21st birthday party. Unamused, the birthday girl was said to have been “horrified.”  Standard Prince Harry!

Gangsta Queen

A year later, Harry and his brother William were being attentive grandsons, doing their grandmother (the Queen) a favour by setting up her voicemail message. Rather than the regular formal message, which would be expected of pretty much anyone, let alone the Queen, the boys went for something a little more contemporary. The message was said to say, “Hey, Wassup! This is Liz. Sorry I’m away from the throne. For a hotline to Philip, press one. For Charles, press two. And for the corgis, press three.” ‘Liz’ was said to not have seen the funny side, although eventually did think it was quite amusing that foreign ambassadors may have listened to the message.

Royal runners?

In 2012 Harry joked around with the press, telling them that Wills and Kate were planning to run the London Marathon! When Kate was asked about her brother-in-law’s revelations, she replied, “I think William’s going to have to do something to get him back!” The Duchess of Cambridge later explained, “I’m more of a short distance runner. My sister’s more of a longer-distance runner.”

Putting the crown jewels on display

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…that is, unless you’re a prince of England! When Harry went off on his hols to Las Vegas last year what was meant to be a very private game of strip pool (an oxymoron?) became one of the year’s biggest stories. Harry whipped out the crown jewels for a group of girls that he’d taken back to his suite, naively forgetting we live in the age of the camera phone.

Prince Harry funny thingsHarry always seems to be having a good time

Now that Harry’s single again we’ll be on the lookout for more signature silliness, afterall, the playboy prince is always up to something!

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