Baby Prince George of Cambridge was christened today in an exclusive and intimate ceremony with just 22 guests, including his close royal family, his parents' friends, and his seven godparents who were named soon after the ceremony. However, a notable absence from the baptism's array of guests was Cressida Bonas who is Prince Harry's girlfriend of approximately 18 months.

Cressida Bonas Laughing
Cressida Bonas Was Not At Prince George's Christening.

The pair have had an on/off relationship punctuated by Harry's service with the army in Afghanistan but seem to be on solid foundations with swirling rumours that there may be a marriage proposal on the horizon. Though reportedly daunted by the idea of royalty and the associated media attention, 24 year-old Bonas is said to be coming round to the idea of a future with the Prince, perhaps pushed by Harry's newfound keenness for commitment after years of wild partying.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry Is said To Be Ready To Settle Down.

It is claimed that although Cressida was invited to Prince George's baptism, she chose not to attend because she felt daunted by the prospects joining the country's most senior of royals in the small ceremony. What's more, by showing up to George's christening, Harry and Cressida would effectively be declaring the seriousness of their relationship and would only fuel the media's marriage speculation further.

A source said to be close to the couple explained ahead of the baptism: "She's very, very nervous about everything, but Prince Harry is being very protective of her and wants her there." However, sources close to the dance degree graduate have contradicted the claims, saying that Cressida was never invited and her "attendance at such an intimate royal event would be unprecedented at such an early stage in her relationship with Harry," according to the IB Times.

Cressida Bonas Princess Eugenie
Would It Be Premature For Cressida To Attend Official Royal Events?

The sources pointed to Kate's courtship with William, during which she did not attend a royal event until they had been dating for four years. One of Cressida's friends spoke to The Daily Mail, describing the "snub" rumours as "nonsense" and saying "She and Harry don't even arrive at events together - they go in separate cars. So why would they suddenly make this huge public declaration of their relationship by going to the christening together? It is pure invention."

They added, "Cressida is very upset because of this suggestion that she might not go because of nerves, which makes it looks like she is snubbing the event. She obviously can't snub an event when she has not been invited to it. It is all nonsense!"