Prince Charles' Countryfile appearance saw the royal opening the door (well, it's more likely to be a gate) to his Gloucestershire farm as he stepped in as guest editor on the BBC show. HRH spoke of his concern of the current state of Britain's once majestic rural landscapes, that is now falling into decay as he warned that we must "work in harmony with nature" to ensure that our successors on this earth do not inherit a dystopian future.

HRH Prince Charles

HRH Prince Charles greeting a royal guard during a recent St. David's Day mass

As the show celebrated its 25th anniversary with the royal, it gave the prince a chance to reveal some of his hobbies and the activities he preoccupies himself with on the farm. Prince Charles detailed gave viewers a glimpse inside his Tetbury home as well as his organic Gloucestershire farm, as he mingled with local farming initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people who's welfare relies on a rural life. He also discussed his favourite hobbies whilst out in the countryside, which included building hedges and rambling. On his love of walkings, the soon-to-be-granddad said, "Walking is a terribly important thing for me, rather like some people need a cigarette, I need a walk."

On it's 25th anniversary show, the special Countryfile episode also featured presenters Julia Bradbury, Matt Baker, John Craven, Adam Henson, Ellie Harrison, chef Jamie Oliver and paralympian Hannah Cockroft.