Review of All This Sounds Gas Single by Preston Schoolboy of Industry

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12. Preston Schoolboy of Industry All This Sounds Gas (Album - Domino )
Scott Kannberg of Pavement reinvents himself within the surrounds of his new project, Preston Schoolboy of Industry. All This Sounds Gas is an album from an unidentifiable era, as up to date as anything youd hear blasting out on The Evening Session, but also, in parts, sounding scarily similar to what Lloyd Cole and The Commotions and The Go-Betweens were doing a decade ago, and Mark e Smith before them.

A charmingly familiar debut, this slice of vinyl manages to create a successful montage of indie, rock and pop tunes, from the tipsy floral endeavours of Falling Away, to the gothic ventures of History Of The River and the tearful symphonic arrangements of The Idea Of Fires. Listen to this album, get to the end and youll feel just that little bit happier than you did when you started.