Yip Deceiver (Ex-of Montreal) Announce Debut Album 'Medallius' Out In The UK 7th July 2014

Yip Deceiver (Ex-of Montreal) Announce Debut Album 'Medallius' Out In The UK 7th July 2014

Athens, Georgia-based duo Yip Deceiver announce the release of their debut album, Medallius, via New West Records on Monday 7th July.

Behold, the proclamation of Yip Deceiver, the tag-team dance duo, who broadcast sexxed-up jambox jaunts and light club floors ablaze at home in Athens, Georgia and beyond. Their forthcoming debut album Medallius dishes out 11 tracks of rump-shaking, fist-pumping ecstaticism, from the minimalist Detroit-style bassline and funktified guitar strums of 'World Class Pleasure' to the tightly-wound dance-anthem, 'Get Strict'. The sonic lovechild of producer/songwriter, Davey Pierce, and executive vibes manager, Nicolas 'Dobby' Dobbratz, Yip Deceiver fills the void for music that can stoke a party-fire and eschews cooler-than-thou posturing.  ?
Perhaps it's Italo-disco without the Italy, blasting iridescent electrofunk that howls with neon keyboard trills and 8-bit handclaps or more simply - synth-pop. "Medallius is an attitude and a lifestyle," Dobby says of the philosophy of their made-up title. "Medalliusis always keeping an elegant attitude regardless of how trashy a situation is." The album keeps it classy. 'Color Me In' could be music for an after-hours fashion show on Venus, or 'Lover', Davey postulates, could provide the soundtrack for "an '80s or early '90s super-triumphant fringe sport movie, where someone moves somewhere and becomes a bad-ass at karate, skateboarding, or BMX riding." Dobby calls it 'smooth punk', Davey thinks it's 'indie R&B'.

Live dates for the UK and Europe to be announced soon.