Yadi Announces New Single 'Creatures' Released On August 22nd 2013

Yadi Announces New Single 'Creatures' Released On August 22nd 2013

YADi has announced the release of her new single 'Creatures' on August 22nd through Seven Brother Records. Co-written with LA producer Ariel Rechtshaid (HAIM, Major Lazer, Usher) and produced by Ariel and Johan Hugo (The Very Best, M.I.A, Dan Croll), 'Creatures' is an  immediate and unabashed pop song that truly showcases Yadi's super slick pop prowess. "In everything I do, I try to mix what I love about the past - classical, blues and folk roots with a modern electronic, urban - future feel", YADi explains, "in the same way that I am made up of a mix of cultures I try to make music that is a mix of the music I love - both ancient and contemporary styles, to create something that is uniquely me."

'Creatures' is themed on the origins of humanity and our knowledge of the world, but also it's about what we don't know and the possibility of other undiscovered life forms that would seem alien. In essence, it's about the power of nature above everything else. The video for 'Creatures' was shot by Charlotte Rutherford who collaborated with YADi on the concept and making of the video. Shot on super 8 camera, it has a real 60's Technicolor feel influenced by one of YADi's favourite films 'The Colour of Pomegranates'.  

The single follows on from the success of previous single 'The Blow' earlier in 2013 and fully cements YADi as one of the rising stars of British pop. 

YADi is quintessentially British, yet her heritage is exotic with a bloodline that's part Algerian, part Italian and part Norwegian. Her love of vocal talents such as Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf is obvious: part vintage, part contemporary, she exudes a sense of being free from the expected constraints of time and era.

Her creativity manifests itself in songs, stories and art. Her lyrics address human fragility but brim with optimism and themes of freedom, justice and individuality. Inspired by stories passed through the generations of her family, her songs address love, tragedy, foreign lands and the spirit of independence, but with an allegorical nature that makes such personal territory infinitely more universal. Her love of art - watercolours, pen and ink imagery - means that her meticulously crafted music has the visuals to match.

Listen to 'Creatures' here: