Wood Festival Announce Line-up For 17th-19th May 2013

Wood Festival Announce Line-up For 17th-19th May 2013

A bit like one of those organic vegetable boxes, we like to find most of our musical sustenance at Wood from the surrounding area, within 20 miles if possible. Such a choice doesn't mean any lack of variety: far from it! We have everything from the energetic Balkan gypsy jazz of La Morte Subite to the delicate folk of Jackie Oates, from the raucous rockabilly of Jack Cade & the Everyday Sinners to the eccentric pop of Ralfe Band, not forgetting the many ukes of Oxford Ukeleles! Plus, Adam Barnes, Edd Keene, Jess Hall, Art Theefe, Rainbow Reservoir, Megan Henwood, The August List, Katy Rose & The Cavalry Parade, Reichenback Falls, Until The Bird, Natureboy, Will Phipps, Milky Moon, and Rye Wolf.

Occasionally, one needs to liven the veg box up with a delicacy from further afield. 

We are very fortunate to have the aptly named Wood Brothers passing through our country. The Wood Brothers are musician siblings Chris and Oliver Wood from Boulder, Colorado. Chris is a founding member of Medeski, Martin & Wood and Oliver played guitar with blues outfit King Johnson, but the two hardly played together for 15 years before coming together for their first studio album as the Wood Brothers, Ways Not to Lose, in 2006. In addition, Canadian roots-rock songwriter Dustin Bentall is passing through, joined by Kendall Carson on the fiddle. From slightly less far afield we have heavenly harmony from House of Hats, dirty rock & roll from Jess Roberts & the Silver Rays, dreamy soundscapes from Oliver Wilde and poetic picking from Owen Tromans. It all adds up to a tasty stew with plenty of roots and plenty of spice. 

Spring-steen at WOOD!

Back in 1982, Bruce Springsteen released 'Nebraska', a collection of sparsely recorded tracks originally intended as demos for his sixth studio album. Almost exactly 30 years later Clubhouse Records gathered 10 bands together to record the album's 10 tracks live to 4 track cassette tape, just like The Boss did back in the day. They then performed the whole thing to a sold-out audience in London. Now, exclusively for WOOD festival, the album will be recreated live onstage once more. Joining the already announced Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou, The Dreaming Spires, Danny the Champ and Jack Day will be: The Cedars, Case Hardin, The Redlands Palomino Company, Paul McLure, Mad Staring Eyes, and The Arlenes, all playing their own sets as well as performing their Nebraska song. The original sessions were filmed for posterity and can be viewed online.

Workshops and activities are a big part of WOOD, and for the musically minded, they include Make a Record Player from a Cardboard Box, Harmony Singing, and a Junk Samba Session. And don't forget the campfire sing-alongs too!

Tickets for Wood are flying out at £79.50/£69 (13 - 17)


Adam Barnes
Art Theefe
Case Hardin
Danny & The Champions Of The World
Danny the Champ
Dustin Bentall
Edd Keene
Flights of Helios
House of Hats
Jack Cade & the Everyday Sinners
Jack Day
Jackie Oates
Jali Fily Cissokho
Jess Hall
Jess Roberts & the Silver Rays
Julie Hawk
Katy Rose & The Cavalry Parade
La Morte Subite
Mad Staring Eyes
Marcus Corbett
Mary Epworth
Megan Henwood
Milky Moon
Nick Cope
Oliver Wilde
Owen Tromans
Oxford Ukeleles
Paul McLure
Rainbow Reservoir
Ralfe Band
Reichenback Falls
Rye Wolf
Syd Arthur
The Arlenes
The August List
The Cedars
The Dreaming Spires
The Redlands Palomino Company
Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou
Until The Bird
Washington Irving
Will Phipps
Wood Brothers