White Fang Release Album 'Full Time Freaks' In The UK On April 28th 2014

White Fang Release Album 'Full Time Freaks' In The UK On April 28th 2014

'Full Time Freaks' is the new album from posi-core, thrash rockers White Fang, set for general release through Metal Postcard Records on 28th April. The bands 7th release is anthemic and noisy, another valiant slice of mutant-bubblegum-low-fi-stoner-indie-garage-rock from the abrasive 4-piece at the forefront of Portland's DIY punk scene. Combining astute songwriting with front-man Eric Gage's humorous lyrics, 'Full Time Freaks' has the free-wheeling, devil-may-care attitude of its predecessors, drenched in sweat and wide-eyed optimism, further asserting their place in the psych-rock revival.

White Fang have been mainstays of their hometown music scene since they formed in 2007 and evoke the innocent joy of playing pure rock and roll with your mates. Favouring bedroom recording sessions to studio time and running their own small cassette label, Gnar Tapes in their spare time, their ethos is honest and simple.

'Four freebirds high on life, doing the things we wanna do, we'll get as high as we f****** please, f*** it'

Despite remaining faithful to their lo-fi routes, the band have swayed slightly from the early 1980's thrash punk sound of previous albums, latterly favouring a lighter and perhaps more accessible sound, distinctive in style yet never straying too far from their trademark goofy scuzz-rock. While their sound is very much their own, there are elements of classic bands like Sebadoh, Suicide and The Deviants.